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Ben Leader

Staffing and Recruitment Assistant

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I started working when I was 15 through work experience at both the London Zoo and London Aquarium, two organisations that I loved having the opportunity to work for where I learned a lot about work life. Then when I was 16 I started working as a soft landscaping project assistant, which I balanced around my time in education. Through working here I really developed resilience through the physical nature of the job and learnt how to deliver great customer service, through assisting and completing projects and deadlines.

Before I went to University I found Appetite4Work and I Immediately I loved it, from the work itself being sociable, fun and challenging at times at some of the busier venues to the lovely people that worked here it really helped me develop many skills! I then went to the University of Leicester and studied history, where I would then use my holidays back in London to pick up shifts with Appetite4Work where the flexibility was perfect for me.

Following graduating from Uni I took on a sales apprenticeship role and later secured the role as a staffing and recruitment assistant for Appetite4Work, I feel I have come along a lot with the guidance of Mike and all my colleagues who have always been so helpful and supportive and I can’t wait to continue progressing here and seeing what the future holds!

Appetite 4 work

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