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The process

Getting to know you

You will have your own dedicated point of contact who will take the time to get to know you and your business. They will visit you and take detailed notes – uniform requirements, staff entrances, who’s who, invoice requirements…

Building your team

From the first brief and through every single booking we are constantly honing your team to bring together the people you like and of course ensure we don’t send back the ones you don’t. As well as the personal touch of your account manager we also have a sophisticated booking system which prioritises your favourites and stops us sending those you don’t want.

The booking process

The more notice we get, the more likely we are to get you the people you want –simple as that. Once we receive your requirements we will agree a timescale with you to send the names of the staff you have requested. Names and photos will be sent or via our electronic timesheet or on a PDF.

Staff briefing

All staff will receive as much information about your venue and the booking as possible. Generally they will be booked and briefed by phone and this will be followed with a detailed email to confirm Address, details of staff check-in area, uniform requirements, start and (approximate) finish time, likely duties and any other information we have. We believe that the key to ensuring people turn up is proper preparation and briefing.

On the Day

Where you request large numbers of staff (and on request) we will come to your venue and sign the staff in. We carry a kit bag containing shoe polish, spare uniform, nail polish remover and hair bands to make sure all staff are looking the part. We generally overbook by 10% and we manage this to ensure that you are on numbers on the day.

After the event

We will call after the event to (or the first day of a longer booking) to find out your feedback and rectify any issues. Staff can either carry their own timesheet which you will sign or alternatively (and our preference) we can send you an electronic timesheet where you enter the hours straight into our portal and the invoice is automatically raised for these hours.