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Will Burden

I was introduced to the hospitality industry at the age of 17, I started working in a local successful independent pub and worked my way up to a management trainee position. During my time there I completed an NVQ in supervision, Leadership and Hospitality. I developed a love for the hospitality industry and knew I wanted to pursue a career within the industry.

After I finished my college studies, I moved on to a management position at a brand-new independent café. Whilst I was there, I developed my skills and understanding of the industry. I Maintained highest standards of conduct and service to help establish a great reputation and become part of the local community. I was also responsible for recruiting new staff and to teach them the method of serving and preparing speciality products.
Once the café closed, I was looking for a suitable job which I could transfer all my knowledge and skills over to, this is when I found Appetite4work. I look forward to working as a staffing and recruitment assistant and working with my clients to find the most suitable staff and creating positive experiences.

Appetite 4 work

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