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Film Location Caterer

National coverage based out of predominantly 3 film studios plus location work.

The Brief

  • A request to provide teams of up to 5 chefs and 15 catering assistants to assist with the return to film location catering during the latter end of covid.
  • To create A & B teams to cover should a team be in isolation.
  • To ensure that team members are tested on site 3 times per week.
  • To create a training programme specifically for team members that included covid procedure specific modules.

Our Approach

We provided a dedicated consultant with a full understanding of the client’s needs and pressure points. We targeted advertising to recruit team members with the ability to travel, not using public transport to ensure isolation and risk of infection.

We added to our standard training programme and onboarding to include 3 extra modules specific to reopening after covid. Our consultant then allocated team members on a rota basis, in line with the client’s existing filming schedule through daily communication, across WhatsApp and email due to the last minute changes of timings and location, which are a regular occurrence within the filming industry.


By being fully involved in planning the allocation of staff with this client and building their trust, we built a strong understanding of the demands of this industry. The relationship has continued to strengthen as we were able to offer our training to the client’s direct team also. We continue to support our client through tricky times with the recent strikes and will be ready with an established team to help them bounce back when the industry starts up again.