Job board

Sussex Wedding Venue

An exclusive-use wedding venue offering several stunning and unique spaces in the Sussex countryside opened in April 2023 with a full schedule of weddings booked for the year and no current casual staff members.

The Brief

We were asked to find 5-10 staff members to start working on an ongoing basis to staff each wedding at the venue, on average 5 days a week.

Our Approach

We gave the venue a dedicated consultant with experience recruiting for venues in rural locations. We sought experienced staff members from our existing database of staff and began recruiting for additional suitable staff. For this location it was important for staff to be able to provide their own transport, however car shares were organised by our consultant if required.

The Outcome

We have provided a dedicated team to the venue for over 6 months. A strong specialist team has been established within this and we have been able to continuously find support if a cancellation occurs.