Whilst payroll may not be everyone’s favourite subject, it certainly functions as an integral part of a temporary staffing business, and so it should.

At Appetite4Work, we like to ensure that we keep our staff happy by not only providing them with shifts but also paying them correctly.

At Appetite4Work we like to think that paying our temporary staff correctly is one of our top priorities, we promise weekly pay, we deliver. If for whatever reason we cannot fulfil this (which is extremely rare) we will always let our temporary staff know. Our staff know how to contact us regarding pay queries, they know when they will receive a payslip and when money will hit their bank account. If they do have any issues (no one thinks for a moment that sometimes things may go wrong), they know they can telephone or email our payroll team directly and they will deal with any issues as soon as possible for them and keep them updated at every stage.

What if?

Now, imagine a scenario where you have an excellent temporary member of staff working for you, they have worked for 5 days the previous week as a Chef De Partie, the client has confirmed they worked for 4 days, therefore, the staff member is missing a day from their payslip.  That staff member then wants to speak to the payroll department to get this rectified. They leave it for several days with no response, they keep calling and emailing to have this sorted for them. Another week passes and another pay run is missed. They eventually stop trying and not only leave with a bad idea of your company but also as an unhappy former employee. All because nobody got back to them.

When issues like this arise it highlights the importance of keeping temporary workers happy whilst on the payroll. At the end of the day, everybody works to pay their bills and wants to be paid their wages.

Payroll can affect temporary staff members morale and opinion of your company. Getting it wrong can also lead to a lack of trust and affect your reputation as a business. Temporary staff work extremely hard and absolutely deserve to have their basic payroll needs met.

So what do we do?

Some basic ways to keep temporary staff happy from the beginning that we use at Appetite4Work:

  • Ensure staff know who to contact regarding pay queries and how
  • Have a dedicated payroll team as a contact
  • Ensure internal staff are trained properly to process timesheets and pay rates correctly
  • Ensure payroll queries are dealt with efficiently and correctly
  • If a mistake does occur, be empathetic, understanding and provide a solution as soon as possible
  • And most simple of all… get it right and care about your staff’s pay!

The above I believe highlights why it is imperative to have an excellent payroll system in place to keep temporary staff happy. Good staff will choose to work for the agency that not only provides them with shifts but also adheres to the above to keep their payroll running smoothly. You can read more about our process for the staff here.